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Our investment strategy is predicated on the view that the cost of decarbonization technologies would decline sharply due to a combination of technological innovation, positive policy backdrop and scale.

We believe that innovation on the hardware, software and business model front along with proliferation of decarbonization policies in various heavy duty transportation and industrial markets would create significant investment opportunities.

We are looking to invest in emerging technologies that enable the scale up of decarbonization ecosystem. We identify sufficiently derisked technologies that need help with commercialization. Our investments span across a combination of infrastructure and venture-backed start-up opportunities.

  • Zero-emission production, distribution and storage technologies: Renewable hydrogen technologies including electrolyzers, catalysts, membranes; new technologies for both on-board and off-board storage, liquefaction, liquid hydrogen carriers, and metal hydrides. We also look for investments in EV charging and Li-ion supply chain
  • Zero-emission fueling infrastructure: Compressors, tanks, power electronics, EV charging and other components as well as innovative business models that enable scale-up of zero-emission fueling infrastructure
  • Differentiated fuel cells: New processes and advanced materials to produce higher efficiency, higher durability fuel cell for transportation and storage applications
  • Zero-emission applications and new business models: Drones, aircraft, fleet management, AI, big data, transportation-as-a-service, and new business models

Hydrogen Technology Ventures is a global investment firm comprised of venture capital, growth equity, private equity, project finance and an innovation center focused on building the decarbonization economy.

Decarbonization wave is accelerating and the industrial ecosystem is converging and becoming more complex. The disruption of massive segments of the old economy and the rise of new business models is creating a new wave of opportunity, and we are well-positioned to capitalize on these changes.

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From venture capital, growth equity and private equity to infrastructure capital, we provide a wide range of capital solutions to accelerate the growth of companies and zero-emission infrastructure.